[07.11] [EN] Vietnamese mod by HuongDC - Nokia X2-01 RM-709.

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Post by GIGILAIHUONG » 16 Apr 2011, o 23:31

The mods are:
Language English + Vietnamese + ... so you can write more special characters in Unicode
Vietnamese-chemical and completely customize the OHS. OHS has been active, you go to display settings to turn it on a DC: D
-Change the startup, shutdown
-Change the main menu icon
-Add a number of music, animations and nice wallpapers
-Add Socbay iMedia, Opera mini6, Mobipocket Reader, ShMessenger, TTpod and Mobidict, TinhteSMS the main menu
-Add a number of software, theme
Update the configuration-GPRS, internet 4 Viettel, Mobi, Vina, Beeline. Insert the SIM is in the network, no need to get send configuration
-Change your font using the font of Android, a good display in Vietnamese language, the Java applications ok


I have test your skills, networks and applications to normal operation
1.Cac your attention is to use two TTpod and Mobipocket Reader software to hack your computer by Phoenix before then, http://mobileworld.vn/forum/showthread.php/20140-Tong-hop-phuong-phap-vuot-qua-bao-ve-cua-s40-va-ca-c-va-n-de-lien-quan-
With the Mobipocket Reader eBooks you must create folders on the memory card, then copy the prc files to this folder, Mobipocket Reader will automatically retrieve data from here)

2.Cac their software give Main Menu items are stored in the collection / application of computer memory, so if you delete the original file of the software in this directory, they will take away not always on Main Menu again

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