How to port 2700c PPM patch from Polish to Arabic?

If you do not understand Polish, you can write your problems here.

Post by mr.mo3az » 18 Nov 2011, o 17:42

In the name of allah

how are you guys
i have aproplem with my phone 2700c
i want to setup new ppm i have download from your site but frimware contain english and poland language only
and i want to put arbic on it
but i cant
can you tell me why???
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Post by adam111 » 27 kwi 2009, o 00:00

BoTs RoX! :D
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Post by pawelooss » 18 Nov 2011, o 22:57

The easiest method is download the original Arabic PPM and PPModd program:
Then you have to run PPModd, load Polish modified PPM, export ANIM chunk to XML file & folder and close the program.
After that, open PPModd once again, with the Arabic original PPM, delete the original ANIM chunk and import modified XML.

Maybe you have to do similiar things to "transfer" PPM font too.

It sounds very complicated, by you can try to do this. There are auxiliary screens in those topics:
- edycja-animacji-za-pomoca-programu-ppmodd-vt280.htm
- edycja-czcionek-za-pomoca-programu-ppmodd-vt382.htm

and maybe also:
- spolszczenie-zagranicznych-patchy-np-rosyjskich-ppm_i-vt1977.htm
- jak-tworzyc-patche-edycja-i-modyfikowanie-plikow-ppm-vt4327.htm

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